Genomic and Dna

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Genomic is a discpline that studies a whole complex of dna sequences.

Genomic is a branch of molecular biology that occupies of the study of genome and living being, it especially occupies of the structure, function and evolution of genome.

Snips are the cornerstone of our life, the base of genomic. They are nothing more than hereditary defects which are inside of our dna. The more known and studied are 60, they are the ones that allow us to know everything about us!

Their function is to reveal exactly our predisposition to get sick of specific disease. Common disease which are often understimated, but very dangerous: obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, dementia, Parkinson, Alzheimer, cardiovascular disease, hormonal dysfunction, just to name some.

To know anything about someone , we just need to read someone’s dna, particularly the chain where the Snips are. With an easy, fast and economic dna test we will know in only 5 minutes someone’s future. By knowing that we can prevent health problems, just by improving our life style.