Medical office Ledwon

Antiage »»: the best years of our life, young and happy. Member of Anti aging Associations WOSAAM and AASAM, according to Prof. J. Herber, Klentze Wolff Passwate , Matthias Rath, Linos Pauling e Gunther Enderlein

Celiac disease »»:fructose and lactose intolerance. Acid-base equilibrium. Precancerous. Heavy metal poisoning.

Diagnostick »»: dark field microscopy

Flaming exams »»:hematic, urinary, dermatological exams in cooperation with Flaming institute.

Estramet »»: tumrous prevention for breast and uterus.

Fibroblast »»: rejuvenation and fibroblast bank eventual cutaneous damages (stem cells)

Fibromax 1 »» and Fibromax 2: protects liver in case of hepatitis virus.

Woman Flaming »»:pap test and papilloma virus (HPUV) test.

Gastro Panel »» and Test Gastropanel »»: all cures for stomach.

Genomic »»: Snips

Higea »»: Allergies and intollerances

Microscopic »»: defects research and Borreliosis erythrocytes, leukocytes, lymphocytes, thrombocytes.

Next Genomix »»: nextgenomic exam modified by Doc. Ledwon to offer a ca. 100 Snips panel. It’s considered a specific exam for athlets. In cooperation with Prof. Pietro Pasquetti from Florence Physiatry University. See Max Caderon test.

Oxitest »»: everything about free radicals

Hormonal therapy »»: Hormonal therapy

Genomic test »»: classic exams of Nextgenomic in cooperation with Prof. Stefania Tegli’s and Doc. Matteo Cerboneschi’s research group (Florence University)

Genomic test Symbyo Gut »»:

Test dunkelfeld mikroscopie »»: