Personalized Massage

Personalized massage is a beautiful and unforgettable massage that respects the human being by putting together virtuosity and a lot of techniques depending on the need and the request.

For those who want more details:

Calling it “Unforgettable massage” a few years ago was the launching pad that permitted me to do high-quality work up to be the masseur for some famous people during Sanremo festival. It is a massage in which I use a set of ten techniques that I’ve practiced and taught for a few years.

Ayurveda is the central idea for a sequence of operations and techniques that changes everytime, depending on the need. From the basic relaxing massage to the lymphatic draining massage, the anti-stress, the mardana (which includes deep connectiv-tissue and myofascial), the bioenergetic, the whole body reflection etc. to reach out to the aim. That could be: slimming, relax for a better life and concentration, lumbar and cervical relaxation, oppose cellulite and headache, skin nutrition, improvement of the immune system etc.

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