Inaugurazione nuovo Studio Ledwon a Milano

Venerdì 15 Settembre 2017 alle ore 15,00 vi aspettiamo per l’inaugurazione del nostro nuovo studio di Milano in Via Majno 15 presso Studio Medico Bassani.

Sarà possibile prendere appuntamenti sia al numero di Firenze 055213395 che al nuovo numero di telefono di Milano 0249473343.

Vi aspettiamo

D.ssa Liane Ledwon

Aloe – Liane Maria Ledwon

Book presentation

Aloe di Liane Maria Ledwon

Thursday, April 13, 2017, 17:00

Sala Gonfalone,

Palazzo del Pegaso,

street: Cavour 4,


Lose weight and rejuvenate effortlessly

Leveraging the latest research on the human metabolism is easy to find with the new technical method to get in perfect health, wellness and fitness.
Only the coordination of the various diagnostic techniques such as genomics, hormone tests, balance insulin-glucose and lipid profile allow you to achieve lasting weight loss by helping the body at any age to find their beauty, harmony and health.
Losing weight is not just a matter of fashion but a way to keep young our physical and mental balance, this also applies to sports activities.

The thyroid is an enemy or friend of women?

This is truly an unexpected illness, often the symptoms are: first can give extreme fatigue that is mistaken for fibromyalgia, anemia, asthenia and lymphedema of the legs.
The symptoms are very blurred and depress world, especially in women at a young age or around the menopause.
Be careful if the following symptoms appear:
slower heart rate, easy feeling cold, asthenia, somnolence, slow reflexes, poor memory, depression, skin more dry, fragile and / or hair loss, swelling and / or fluid retention, overweight and mild constipation.
The TSH is normally fixed around the value 4, but already a TSH greater than 2 makes one think that with less intensity the thyroid works. Often it resolves with a few interventions such as removing gluten, lactose and placing the iodine-rich foods diet.
The American guidelines give optimum value as the lesser of TSH 1. It can perform genomic tests, immunological and intestinal dysbiosis test to restore the function of this precious organ.

Feminine universe: sexuality dysfunction, dysmenorrhea, menopausal seen as a whole

Polycystic ovaries: many girls for various reasons stress or start their fertile life with this phenomenon that leads to akne, hair, hormonal disorders, emotional distress and is easily treatable without the use of the pill. E ‘can restore the harmonious work in producing ovarian estrogen and progesterone naturally through natural health care and herbal medicine.

Dysmenorrhea: the mere fact that it appears menstrual pain is already a sign of imbalance in the fertile life of the woman. The pain is not necessary. Often small dietetic measures allow the production of a good proportion of progesterone, and it resolves on its own.

Uterine fibroids: the uterus has a wonderful construction with muscle fibers that go in different directions, containing at the end of pregnancy a substantial weight in the child within the placenta. Vortices irregular muscle stimulated by 4 OH ie hormonal metabolites, stimulate abnormally muscles, called the myometrium.
The genomic test can reveal the trend and protect the woman.

Pre-menopause and menopause: the cessation of ovarian function is a major disruption to the woman’s life. This hormonal disorder can last 3 or 4 years. Some women have a very early ovarian aging. It is suspected lifestyles, nutrition and pesticides.
The Western woman as opposed to the East much more suffering because the Asian power appear hormone-like substances that create weak ties with hormone receptor tissue and they slide slowly towards the cessation of the menstrual cycle.
The hot flashes, sweating, tachycardia, insomnia, panic attacks, hair loss, brittle nails, osteoporosis, vaginal dryness, lacrimal and salivary are not necessary, as gentle care restore the psycho neuro endocrine order.

The intestinal dysbiosis: Flatulence, constipation, intestinal cramps, postprandial bloating, abdominal swelling.

Today, DNA sequencing of intestinal bacteria offers an incredibly precise technique to solve all intestinal disorders, up to preserve by ulcerative colitis, from intestinal cancer, diverticulosis and precancerous polyps.
The gut is an important organ called the microbiome or microbiota, currently at the forefront of all scientific studies battereologici, as the intestine is the second brain, intimate relationship with the psyche and positive emotions of wellbeing and happiness.
Treating the intestines through dietetics, of intolerance testing, genomic tests and fecal accurate research is an excellent prevention work.

A skin like silk

The beauty comes from within, must detoxify, drain and comfort with vitamin and herbal cocktails this precious organ called the skin. As we age, unfortunately, the force of gravity does relax the fabrics with greater elasticity and less fibrous collagen scaffold. This is due to an increase in metal-proteinase that cut and rimaneggiano the dermis. You can counter these phenomena with various diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
They use specific genomic tests, hormone tests, studying telomeres and stimulation of stem cells.
An accurate advice, diagnosis and professional help can determine how to solve all skin imperfections such as discoloration, blemishes, spider veins and capillaries, acne, pimples, warts, psoriasis, dark circles etc. that can be cured with natural custom routes and non-invasive .
Often we face the aging theme with ozone / oxygen therapy, radiofrequency, peeling with natural acids, and micro dermabrasion with needling needling mesotherapy, wires of fully absorbable from the dermis support, filler with hyaluronic acid not clozincato and tissue regeneration programming next through PRP (platelet jelly) indicated for post traumatic surgery scars, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata, laxity, and skin aging.


The genomic test and hormone tests find the amino acids give an excellent opportunity to solve a degeneration of bone tissue, without the use of bisphosphonates, finding true because the parent bone.

Personality disorders: depression, insomnia, trauma, panic attacks, emotional blocks, relational unhappiness, school learning disorders

There are methods in the dosage of neurotransmitters and herbal medicine therapies, together with techniques such as hypnosis and EMDR, meditation and therapy feedback as diagnostics and care of all the hardships of most minor disturbances, and severe psychic medium