Medical Office of Doc. Liane Maria Ledwon

Graduated in microscopy and urgency medicine, Doc. Ledwon worked in India, in New Delhi Hospital and Madras Hospital, in the hospitals in Friuli (after earthquakes) and at the service of abused women and orphans.

In strictly medical field she is specialized in sonogram, homotoxicology, physiotherapy, homeopathy and nutrition. She has knowledge in ayurvedic medicine, hatha yoga and breathing techniques, acquired during her long travels in India.

She attended important schools in Switzerland, where she learned psychoanalysis and psychosomatic medicine.

She is a wordly known expert in genetic, gnomic, rigenerative and anti-aging medicine. Indeed she is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

In educational field, after a lot of  seminars in the United States and in Europe, she started teaching in Italian universities and improvement schools for doctors and pharmacists. She gives followed lectures on pain, innovative therapies and genomic, she is also lecturer in a lot of congresses. She ha salso been the president of the Microscopic Dark Field Association. Founder and health director in Villa il Contesso.

She created a genomic research pool with Prof. Stefania Tegli and Doc. Matteo Cerboneshi and also the biotechnology laboratory in the University of Florence.

Currently advisor with Next Genomics.

To provide a sublime, trusty and personalized service to her clients, she takes advantages on the following professionals:

Doc. Paolo Trentani

Doc. Nicola Pecere

Doc. Patrizia Faltoni (Gyneacologist)

Doc. Flavia Fondelli (Nutritionist)

Doc. Riccardo Fantechi (Psychotherapist)

Teresa Belvedere (Nurse)

Doc. Ettore Messinas

Doc. Sisti Cinzia

Doc Maurizio Guadagna
(Sport Osteopath Physiotherapist)

Laura Vargiu (Slimming treatments)

Barbara Rapisardi (Office Advisor)