The thyroid is an enemy or friend of women?

This is truly an unexpected illness, often the symptoms are: first can give extreme fatigue that is mistaken for fibromyalgia, anemia, asthenia and lymphedema of the legs.
The symptoms are very blurred and depress world, especially in women at a young age or around the menopause.
Be careful if the following symptoms appear:
slower heart rate, easy feeling cold, asthenia, somnolence, slow reflexes, poor memory, depression, skin more dry, fragile and / or hair loss, swelling and / or fluid retention, overweight and mild constipation.
The TSH is normally fixed around the value 4, but already a TSH greater than 2 makes one think that with less intensity the thyroid works. Often it resolves with a few interventions such as removing gluten, lactose and placing the iodine-rich foods diet.
The American guidelines give optimum value as the lesser of TSH 1. It can perform genomic tests, immunological and intestinal dysbiosis test to restore the function of this precious organ.